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Illuminating Priorities for Orthodox Communities

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Focusing on American Orthodox Jewish communities, Meisharim (in English: rectitude or equity) believes that Orthodox Jews, living in religious exile as citizens of a benevolent democracy, should pursue Torah priorities for society and core values underlying American democracy in addition to their particular communal interests. These Torah priorities include respecting the Divine Image in every person; protecting society’s vulnerable; maintaining an equitable, righteous society; and addressing humanity-level concerns such as the precarious state of Earth's environment.

Meisharim is inspired by the following vision of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook:

“Love for all must fill one’s entire heart. Love of all of God’s creations precedes all else. Afterwards, love for all humanity. After that, love for Israel, which includes love of all, since Israel is destined to repair all creation. All these loves are practical loves, to love them by doing good for them and to cause their elevation. Exalted above them all is love of God, the essence of love. On its own, it brings nothing other than filling one’s heart. This is the most exalted happiness."

“The purpose of the entire Torah and its morals, commandments, actions, and studies is to remove stumbling blocks so that this love of all worlds can spread and expand to every realm of life. The many branches of the roots of these “holiest of holies” love are all the good and upright moral qualities, both particular and in general, personal and societal, until we achieve God’s judgment of Earth in righteousness, and nations with equity." (cf. Psalm 98:9)

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